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Friday, October 18, 2013

Historic Christ Chapel | Tasha Goodwin and Kevin Cowan Wedding

Groom Kevin and I stood anxiously awaiting at the Altar for the arrival of his Bride.  The doors to the Chapel were closed, and at that magical moment, the doors opened and before our eyes, Tasha, his glowing and beautiful Bride, entered and was escorted to the Altar on the arm of her beloved grandfather.  Tasha and Kevin met at the Altar, and exchanged their vows and promises of love and blessings.  What a magical night for two incredible people who exchanged beautiful wedding vows.
Kevin Cowan, Vicky Prouty, Tasha Goodwin
Kevin and Tasha
A beautiful candid picture of Tasha
Christ Chapel
Christ Chapel Altar

 Christ Chapel on the banks of the Boise River
Full Moon and Table Rock Cross After the Ceremony

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