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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dancing The Night Away | Noel Galloway and Tim Holt

 Noel and Tim have a great love story.  They knew each other for awhile, and even were in the same dancing group.  After a few twirls and twists, they started dating and swing - they fell in love!   Their wedding was very special, bringing their children and special friends together for a memorable wedding ceremony in Nampa on the 29th day of March, 2014.  

The very best of life, love and dancing to Noel and Tim!

Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Noel Holt
Noel, Tim and Vicky

Friday, March 28, 2014

Vintage Wedding | Daryl and Chuck

A small gathering of close family and friends were present for the wedding joining Daryl and Charles on a beautiful Friday evening at the Adelmann Event Center in downtown Boise.  The message was meaningful, and their vows centered on love and happiness as their families are now joined.  Congratulations!
Daryl Enriquez and Chuck LaBar
The Wedding Ladies!
Daryl and Chuck
Their Vows.  Daryl, Vicky and Chuck
The Venue.  The Adelmann Event Center.  Downtown Boise
Stunning Sister!  Shalamar, Daryl and Ayla
Idaho's Capital After The Wedding

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sun Valley Bliss | Rod Decker and Lori Parker

This California couple who both are ski enthusiasts, were married on a beautiful, sun kissed afternoon at the Roundhouse on Baldy Mountain in Sun Valley.  Lori Parker and Rod Decker exchanged promises and vows, through good times and bad, through sickness and in health (and healing shoulders)!  They were surrounded by their amazing friends Tom Livermore, Scott Shadrick, Selina Lopez and Jarett Gonzalez with a stunning backdrop overlooking Sun Valley and Ketchum.  We broke bread together at the River Run Lodge after the ceremony, and wished the couple much love and happiness for all of the rest of their days.

Sun Valley, truly the most elegant and oldest ski resorts in America, was the ideal destination for Lori and Rod to become husband and wife.
Headed to the Roundhouse on Baldy Mountain
Vicky Prouty Officiant, Lori Parker our Bride and Rod Decker our Groom
About to Begin ...  Lori and Rod
The Vows - Lori Parker, Vicky Prouty, Rod Decker
The Wedding Party!
Jarett Gonzalez, Tom Livermore, Lori Decker, Rod Decker, Vicky Prouty, Scott Shadrick, Selina Lopez
Long Time BFF's - Tom Livermore, Lori Decker, Scott Shadrick
Pro Photographer in Action - Jarett Gonzalez
Inside the Rustic Roundhouse on Baldy - Mr. and Mrs. Rod Decker
The Most Beautiful Bride - Lori Parker Decker

The Attendants and Sun Valley residents Tom Livermore and Scott Shadrick
signing the marriage license with Officiant Vicky Prouty

Post Celebration Lunch  River Run Lodge

@ The Roundhouse
 Beautiful flowers with greens, whites and purples by Sue Bridgman

Vendor List
Stylist:  Selina Lopez
Photography:  Jarett Gonzalez, The Sole Image
Officiant:  Victoria Prouty, Idaho Ceremonies
Flowers:  Sue Bridgman