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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Devin + Destiny | March 14, 2020 | Elopement


Seize the moment and simplify things by making your marriage legal now; I am happy to talk with you about the possibility of an intimate ceremony. Then, you can simply reschedule your reception/party later on. You can always restate your vows for your guests during your future celebration.

This couple did just that - they eloped on Saturday, March 14.  Just the two of them, Devin and Destiny, and myself.  Plus, Samantha, their amazing photographer.  

Destiny and Devin traveled from out to town and wanted to be married in beautiful Boise.  We met at The Cottonwood Grille and the ceremony was in a grassy area just off of the Greenbelt and Boise River.  

Simple.  Heartfelt.  Beautiful.

I am here to support you in these trying times and self distancing.  Please contact me directly at or by phone 208.407.8899.