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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Hunt Is Over | Austin and Melanie

Melanie Elaine Russell and Austin Cody Skinner were married just in time before goose season starts!   

A horse drawn carriage brought Melanie, and her parents, Michele and Scott Cole, to the barn at Eagle Island Event Center as Austin waited for his beautiful bride to join him at the altar.  Austin and Melanie exchanged vows and rings, and then, Austin vowed to the girls, Makenzie, Maleah and Miley, that he would guide and support them all of his life.  No, not one dry eye, could be seen at the barn. Austin then gave their three daughters rings, just as he had done with their mom, to seal their family unit.

Wishing you love and happiness, Melanie and Austin, and Makenzie, Maleah and Miley!
Austin and Melanie, and Makenzie, Miley and Maleah
Yes, It Is!
Bride Melanie Russell, Officiant Vicky Prouty, Groom Austin Skinner
The Barn At Eagle Island Event Center, Eagle, Idaho
The Men and the Minister!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

To Have and To Hold | Laura and Casey

Laura and Casey's wedding took place at a beautiful McCall, Idaho home.  It was a fantastic location for the ceremony, dinner and an evening of fun!
Laura is the daughter of Bill and Kelly, and Marley and Debbie are Casey's parents.  Best wishes for a long and blissful marriage!

Idaho Splendor in McCall
Casey and Laura Fite
Groom Casey Fite, Officiant Vicky Prouty, Bride Laura Fite
The Grounds, the Fire Pit and the Wedding Altar
A Beautiful Bouquet Waiting For The Bride
The Gorgeous Mom's!  Kelly Vick and Debbie Fite
Who doesn't love Cinnamon Whiskey?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Idaho City for Love, Rain and Sunshine | Lauren and Ben

The skies opened up and a downpour of heavy rain and blowing winds followed me up Hwy 21 to the wedding of Lauren Myers and Ben Denny at Gray Back Gulch in Idaho City.  When I arrived, the skies had cleared and the sun was peaking out between the pines.  Lauren and Ben's ceremony took place between two beautiful, tall pine trees, and it was an absolutely beautiful mountain setting for this wonderful couple.   Congratulations!

Lauren Myers and Ben Denny
Lauren Myers and Ben Denny - The Look of Love!

Wedding sunset in the mountains
Vicky Prouty, Lauren Myers and Ben Denny

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Love And Marriage | Tyson and Candice (and Piper too!)

Piper and her mom Candice, married Tyson, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Hilton Garden Inn in Idaho Falls.  Candice's family arrived earlier in the week from Kansas, and Tyson's family from Idaho and Nevada, were all together to celebrate as Tyson, Candice and Piper were married.   It was a day filled with flowers, love and great food (and oh so decadent cake)!  At the end of the evening as the sun was going down, I even captured beautiful Heart clouds floating in the sky.  What a beautiful way to give Tyson and Candice a closing to their incredible wedding day.

Thank you for asking me to officiate your ceremony and best wishes to you all in the years that are to come!
Wedding Floor Please!
Tyson and Candice | Approaching their first "look"
Tyson and Candice
Tyson, Piper and Candice Sharing a Fun Moment!
Groom Tyson, Bride Candice, Officiant 
A great guestbook
Stunning isn't it?
The Reception at the Hilton Garden Inn
The Falls at Idaho Falls
Heart cloud after the wedding in Idaho Falls.   I was so happy to look up
and see this beautiful sight!
Taken with my iPhone.
even more amazing, as the sun sets, another little Heart cloud appears and floats on it's own!
Idaho is filled with love signs!
Taken with my iPhone