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Saturday, September 7, 2013

McCall Wedding for Alana and Nate

A breathtaking bride and her handsome groom were married on the afternoon of September 7th at a beach front wedding at the home of the bride's parents in McCall, Idaho.  The Altar was a large tree stump the three of us stood on, beautifully decorated and on the water's edge.  Alana and Nate incorporated the "Seven Spices of Life" ceremony.  Each family member poured layers of spices and herbs which represented a symbolic meaning for each spice.

First Layer - Alana, the Bride.  Salt - The Foundation
Second Layer - Marco, Bride's Father.  Rosemary - Long Life-Prosperity
Third Layer - Ellen, Bride's Mother.  Basil - Good Fortune, Wealth, Happiness
Fourth Layer - Alyssa, Bride's Sister.  Curry - To Protect Family
Fifth Layer - Megan, Groom's Sister.  Poppy Seed - The Fulfill Dreams
Sixth Layer - Barbara, Groom's Mother.  Paprika - Passion
Seventh Layer - Lauren, Groom's Sister.  Thyme - Strength and Courage
Eight Layer - Cam, Groom's Father.  Oregano - The Joy in Life
Final Layer -  Nate, the Groom.  Final Layer of Salt to signifying Unity.

The music was provided by Trish Williams, a friend of the bride, and was incredible.  Trish set the mood for a festive party.  The food, flowers, desserts, photographs and the beautiful sun peaking through the pines took my breath away.  The love between the family members celebrating the marriage of Alana and Nate was in every detail, and I was truly honored to be a part of this family's celebration.  A special shout-out to Marco and Ellen, and Cam and Barbara!

Officiant Vicky, Nate and Alana
Meyer ~ Burke Wedding on Payette Lake 
The Altar - Tree Base
 Seven Spices of Life Ceremony
 Seven Spices of Life Vessel 
Filled with herbs and spices 
filled by family members
 Beautiful Bride - Alana

 Guest tables complimented the colors of the water
Bride and Groom Table
Trish, Whitney and Steve | Trish provided Sunset Sounds
Cocktail Hour
Guests at the water's edge
 Photographers Tina and her Assist Thelma (moms make great assistants!)
The Wedding Program

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