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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bronco Sports Couple | Nick and Hannah

Nick and Hannah's love story began when they were both students at Boise State University.  She was on the BSU gymnastics team and he was the BSU men's tennis team.  Through friends, they met, dated and fell in love!  Nick and Hannah are a busy couple, currently living in the Seattle area, and returned home to Boise for their dream wedding at Banbury Golf Course.  It was a beautiful day for the celebration of their union. Much love and many blessings to Nick and Hannah.  

Hannah and Nick
Bride Hannah, Officiant Vicky, Groom Nick 
Wedding Cross
The bride's scrolled piece, the groom's base piece -
joined they are the wedding cross Nick and Hannah can display in their home
The guests signed a "Guest Bench"
The Signed Guest Bench - A Keepsake for the Couple's Home

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