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Saturday, August 23, 2014

To Have and To Hold | Laura Vick and Casey Fite

Laura and Casey's wedding took place at a beautiful McCall, Idaho home.   It was a fantastic location for the ceremony, dinner and an evening of fun!
Laura is the daughter of Bill and Kelly Vick, and Marley and Debbie Fite are Casey's parents.  Best wishes for a long and blissful marriage!

Idaho Splendor in McCall
Casey and Laura Fite
Groom Casey Fite, Officiant Vicky Prouty, Bride Laura Fite
The Grounds, the Fire Pit and the Wedding Altar
A Beautiful Bouquet Waiting For The Bride
The Gorgeous Mom's!  Kelly Vick and Debbie Fite
Who doesn't love Cinnamon Whiskey?