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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Dawson + Shydon | August 13, 2022

It was an amazing August day for Shydon and Dawson! They were married on a very special occasion, Shydon's birthday!  

Fourth Street Gardens in Emmett provided the perfect background and venue for Shydon and Dawson to exchange their wedding vows, and celebrate with great food and drinks on the beautiful property just a bit north of Boise.  Their personal, heartfelt vows were so meaningful, both Shydon and Dawson were teary eyed and blushed with so much love during their ceremony.  Everything about their day was spectacular! Even their signature wedding cocktails, The Cat Nap and Honeymoon + Shine were SO refreshing! 

Here's to many happy days, months and years to come, Shydon and Dawson!


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