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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Amy + Richard | January 20, 2024

 Amy and Richard's Story...

    What better way to meet someone than to be introduced by your adult children? For years, Amy's daughter, Megan and her then-boyfriend, Aaron, kept telling Amy about this mysterious man, “Spencer’s dad.” Spencer and Aaron grew up together in San Jose and remained best friends throughout their college years. Megan got to know Spencer’s dad over the summers when he would host the college kids at his house on Discovery Bay. Megan kept talking about what a great guy he was and on and on. However, there was a catch! He was already in a relationship. I am sorry, but how is that a nice thing to do to a woman who was longing for her, Mr. Right?
    Every year, Amy would ask Megan, “What’s up with Spencer’s dad? Is he single yet?” After several years, Amy was about to give up hope of ever meeting this mystery man when she finally put Megan on the spot. After a glass of champagne to celebrate her birthday in January 2021, Amy said, “Megan, help your mother out! I need you to text Spencer to see if his dad is available. If so, text him my number and these photos.” With hesitation in her voice, Megan whispered under her breath, “Aaron is going to kill me.”

    Well, as luck would have it, Spencer’s dad was indeed available at last! On January 17, 2021, despite meeting during Covid times, Amy and Richard were able to go out on their first date in Tiburon. How can you beat a 70-degree day by the water in the San Francisco Bay? From there, the rest is history, and on November 23, 2022, Rich managed to surprise Amy with his proposal overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge as the clouds blew in and out to make a picture-perfect engagement. He even arranged for their dear friend and photographer, Chris, to take breathtaking photos of this beautiful afternoon.

The Wedding...

    Amy and Richard were blessed to have their close friends and family stand beside them as they exchanged their vows at the Chapel of Our Lady on the grounds of The Presidio overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 

    Celeste was Amy's Matron of Honor. Celeste and Amy attended UC Berkeley together and became fast friends who have shared many special memories over the last 37 years.

   Gary was Richard's Best Man. Gary and Richard met for the first time fighting fires with the City of Hollister. They have been close friends for 40 years!

    Amy's three daughters, Megan, Alyson, and Jordan, were her bridesmaids.

    Richard's groomsmen were Spencer, Zach, and Aaron, (Amy's son-in-law and Spencer's close friend).

    Reece, Richard's great niece, was the flower girl accompanied by Matias, Richard's nephew, who was the ring bearer. What a treat to have these beautiful children join in this celebration!

   Pamela, Amy's mother, gave Amy and Richard her blessing at the altar as the wedding was officiated by myself, traveling from Idaho to deliver their wedding service. Jerome, Richard's father, was also in attendance to celebrate this union.

    The ceremony was in memory of John, Amy's father, and Marybelle, Richard's mother. 
    Guests arrived from around the globe to celebrate the marriage of Amy and Richard.  Amy and Richard's relationships have deepened and grown as a result of all of their family and friends who joined them on the wedding day.

It was truly a day to always remember, at last!

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