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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marriage Vows Renewal for Sally and Todd

Sally called me, asking if I could perform their marriage vows renewal ceremony for her and her beloved Todd - and oh yes, it's a SURPRISE for her husband Todd!   Sally wanted to surprise Todd on their 10 year wedding anniversary by renewing their marriage vows in beautiful Kathryn Albertson Park where they had their beautiful family pictures previously. 

Sally and Todd had so much love in their eyes, and in their hearts, and renewed their vows as if they were getting married all over again.  They've been through life's challenges as most couples have been, and wanted to recommit themselves to each other after being through the thick and thin of life's challenges.  It was a special day for both of them, and an honor for me to write their vows for them.

Congratulations Todd and Sally, and here's to many more anniversary celebrations!

Sally and Todd

Sally and Todd Renewing their Marriage Vows

Officiant Vicky, Sally and Todd celebrating 10 Years of Marriage!

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